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Our Services
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Employee Benefit Broker Services

As your broker, we understand the many time-consuming and complex regulations and compliance issues you are faced with daily, not only with your benefits, but in all aspects of your company. We aim to reduce the time and effort you have to spend on benefits management, administration, implementation, and compliance with our valuable services and technology that we offer to our clients at no additional costs.

We offer our clients the following services:

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Free Industry Leader HRIS System/Online Enrollment/Payroll Integration

We have invested in Employee Navigator HRIS System and bring this to all clients at no cost.  We will build and manage the benefits section for you, and you are free to use all the other components at no charge such as online onboarding for new hires, asset tracking, PTO, task building and HR management, robust reporting, employee online enrollment portal with document library, communication notes and more.  It also integrates with many payroll partners so data entry of benefit costs becomes a thing of the past.

What does your new hire entry process look like now?

With our shared and secure HRIS portal all you have to do for new hires is enter some basic information to Employee Navigator such as name, date of hire and contact information and you are done with new hire enrollment.  We will notify the employee they are eligible for enrollment, send instructions on how to register, track their progress to make sure enrollment is completed on time, have all the plan summaries and pricing loaded in our system, be available to the employee to answer any questions on the plans or registration, review the enrollment for errors, enroll them with the carriers, send the ID cards and tips on how to access networks, and send you a payroll deduction report once everything is completed.  And with terminations, it is just as simple, a click of a button, enter the termination date and category and you are done.  We will terminate with the carriers for you as well as send out COBRA notifications.


With each passing year, compliance becomes a bigger and bigger part of the insurance world.  We are here to make sure you stay in compliance and protect your plan and company.

We offer our clients in-house COBRA at no additional cost to you.  By keeping this in house we can ensure tight control over every step of the COBRA process.

For our clients that are subject to 1095 reporting, we will process your 1095 forms for you at no additional processing cost.  (We do use a third party to print/mail and e-file the reports and there is a nominal pass-through fee for this.)

We will send out annual Medicare D Notifications, track and manage overage dependents, and assist with PCORRI (self-insured clients) and 5500 filing supporting documentation.

As changes occur in compliance obligations, we will keep you up to date every step of the way.

Our services don’t stop there...

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Rate Negotiation

As an independent broker, we are able to shop all the top-rated carriers and meet with you to make sure the plans you have are a good fit for you and your employees. With many years of business experience, we have strong relationships with the carriers and know how to find you the best plans available.

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Enrollment Meetings

Benefits are a large part of your budget and employee compensation. It is important that employees understand their benefits, pick the right plan, and understand how to best use them. We offer onsite live and/or virtual open enrollment meetings to make sure your employees understand their plans and answer any questions they have.

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Who do your employees turn to when they have a claims issue?

Your employees will have 24/7 access to our office to answer questions about the plans, finding providers, claims questions, and we even will help intervene if they have a billing issue with a doctor or hospital. We will sit on the phone to get things resolved so they don’t have to, freeing your employees to focus on their job instead.

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In-person Support

Not all questions are answered in the open enrollment meetings. We can schedule on-site drop-in days (such as quarterly visits) to be available throughout the year to answer benefit and claims questions in person. You can promote these internally so employees can prepare any claims documents they may have in advance. Together we can contact the carriers and doctors and resolve most issues that same day.

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Interested in a 401k?

If we are doing your health benefits, we will set up a 401k with no commissions or loads from us, maximizing your employees returns.

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